April 2014


Lipton Emergency Action Plan Correspondance – Terminal Server & Mobile Email Down – Please Read

We are currently experiencing issues with our Terminal Server and Mobile Email Support.

As of right now, we are unable to receive and send emails via our mobile devices, however the email in the office is working fine.  We are still recieiving in the office and we can send from the office without issue.

The address that we use to access the Terminal Server is also down, however, we have configured a working solution, allowing you to get onto the Terminal Server and work without issue, as well, allowing you to check your mail.

To access the Terminal Server, please follow these instructions:

1. Launch the Remote Desktop Connection program from your start menu, or click on the existing icon you use to access the Terminal Server.

2. Click the Show Options arrow on the bottom right corner of the program

3. Under Computer type the address: ts.liptonllp.com

4. Under User name type: lwap\yourusername

  • Note the direction of the forward slash preceding your username, this slash is found typically above the ENTER key
  • Your username is typically, first inital.lastname, for eaxample, my username is b.walderman.
5. Once complete, click SAVE and CONNECT.  This will prompt you for your password, which is the same password you use to log into the network.
6. You should now be connected to the Terminal Server.
We are working to get everything back to normal, your patience is truly appreciated.
If you need my help, feel free to TEXT at 416-918-5303
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